Just Remembering…


My friend “Pooja Raina”. We studied in the same school since kinder garden. She was not one of my best friends then. Just one of the gang with whom i used to hang around between class periods. Never knew then due to certain circumstances this friendship would turn into a rare and unique friendship.

It was our English board exam…we were supposed to go together but unfortunately she couldn’t make it for the test. Her father told she was unwell. Nobody knew it was just a start for the long and painful problems that laid ahead of her. She was suffering from Intestinal coliatis. The ugly fact as she told me was she had to live with it as there was no cure. She lived with this painful disease for 8 long years. As time passed all her friends completed their studies, got jobs, got married…how difficult it must have been for she knew she would never have any of this. Whenever i came back from college or from work we used to chat for hours together. I remember once she told me-“I can never have any of this…no man no family of my own.” For her the most important thing right now was a day without pain…a day without seeing sadness and fear in her parents eyes.

Every time after coming back home from her house i used to wonder how when things are normal in our lives we worry about unimportant things and unnecessarily complicate our lives. In the midst we forget to be thankful for all the things that i guess we take for granted like our health …our family.

One day I was telling her about the diet plan and the exercise regimen that i will follow in order to reduce some more weight ’cause i feel i am fat etc etc she listened then said “Dear at least you have good health with you… so why fret just enjoy life. Never forget Health is the most important thing in life. Without it there is no fun in anything”

Pooja May you rest in peace.

Love you:)


Feeling … Fat !! or it’s just a fat feeling …

My earliest memory…

So cute …so adorable…thats how people around me used to react when i was as young as 3 or 4 years old. Yes i was a chubby child the kind of child every parent would like him or her to be. But as i grew up people started suggesting that i am lil’ too healthy(fat) for my age. In coming years i gained height lost a lot of weight (thanks to martial arts). That made me feel happy with myself. All my younger years i was a slim girl…if i look at it now …perfect i would say! But still at that time also i was conscious of my body. If i think about it all my life i have been conscious. Not once i could be confident about my appearance.

Isn’t it SAD!! Well i guess i am not the only one who feels that way. Most Women are not confident about there bodies. Some you might feel are perfect but when you get to know them you realize they might be conscious about zillion things that they don’t have or can’t have.

You must be wondering where is this going…well I just want to say ten kgs less or more doesn’t matter…what matters is that we should feel good about ourselves..feel beautiful ’cause at end of the day what you feel shows.

So Feel Beautiful Ladies to look Beautiful!!